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Hi this is John, I have decided to close 3-SC Company, LLC as of 12-30-2020. If you still haven’t finished your classes,  please do so by 12-20-2020 so that we can report to the CCB for you.


Thank You for your business, 

John Marshall


3SC Company L.L.C. is an Oregon company that has been helping contractors for over 20 years.

3SC Company L.L.C. is Oregon's Premier Construction Contractor Educator. 3SC Company’s full range of services will take you from the beginning to the end of the process of becoming an Oregon construction contractor. We offer great services like:

3SC Company offers Public Works Bonds*, Worker Compensation Insurance*, Performance Bonds*, Wraps*, Builders Risk Insurance*, and Delivery service for Paperwork to Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB).

*These services are provided by John Marshall, a licensed insurance agent with Valley Insurance Assoc. Inc.

3SC Company L.L.C. is here to help Contractors meet all the Oregon Contractor's Board (CCB) requirements to obtain and maintain a license.

3SC Company L.L.C. is approved by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB) to educate contractors. We have been providing Oregon Construction Contractors with their education since 1992. Not only does 3SC Company L.L.C. provide education, but 3SC also specializes in Contractor Insurance and Contractor Bonding (CCB surety Bonds).

3SC Company’s Construction Contractor Contracts are a great way to protect yourself and save money. 3SC collaborated with Oregon’s formost construction attorney to bring you a contract that will keep you out of court.

3SC Company has put together the education you need to meet the CCB’s continuing education requirement to renew your license. The continuing education class (CE) is  easy, quick, informative and affordable.

3SC Company L.L.C. is here to provide the education, insurance and bonding,   you (the Contractor) need to be a properly registered (with the CCB) and successful Oregon Construction Contractor.