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Business Services

Business Entity
We have the information and knowledge to help you choose the right business entity (Partnership, L.L.C., Corporation, etc…) for your business.

License Category
Confused on which category is best for you? Not a problem, our expert has been doing this since 1992 and he can help guide you as to which category is best.
Commercial General Contractor Level 1
Commercial General Contractor Level 2
Commercial Specialty Contractor Level 1
Commercial Specialty Contractor Level 2
Commercial Developer Residential
General Contractor Residential
Specialty Contractor Residential
Limited Contractor
Residential Developer

Help with the needed information to file your business with the Oregon State Corporation Division.

Delivery Services
3-SC Company L.L.C. can hand deliver your application and paperwork to the Oregon CCB. (Hand delivered papers are processed on the spot and issued a CCB#)