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How to become a licensed Oregon Construction Contractor.

The Steps for Residents of Oregon are:

  1. Purchase and pass a Oregon Construction Contrators Board(CCB) approved 16 hour Contractor Class.
    3SC provides this service in a Home Study Class. Click here to order.
  2. Study for and Pass the State Test.
    (Contact the State Testing Center and schedule a test. Call 1-800-733-9267 or got to Prometric's site. The Test will cost $60.00 each time you take it. Remember that this is a real test, so be sure to study and review while you are waiting to take it. This test is real!)
  3. Decide what type or types of license endorsements you need.
    (Our expert John Marshall can help you decide on the right one for you)
  4. Purchase Contractor Insurance.
    (Our expert John Marshall can help you get Insurance)
  5. Purchase a Contractor Bond (s) (CCB surety bond). You will need a bond for Residential and Commercial work if you do both.
    (Our expert John Marshall can help you get the bond)
  6. Complete the Oregon Construction Contractor's CCB application. Click here to download it.
    (If you need help, click here and email us your question or call 3SC)
  7. Turn in all of your paper work and pay the application fee to the Oregon Construction Contrators Board(CCB).
    The following things need to be turned in to the CCB:


The licensing fee is $325.00 for a 2-year license. To get the CCB's hours and/or location click on the following link: CCB If you mail in your paperwork, it can take up to 3 weeks for them to process it. 3SC Company can deliver your paperwork to the CCB for you and get you licensed that day.