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3SC's Contractor Classes

3SC’s Home Study Class is all you need to meet the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB's) 16 hour education requirement.

Order the class now, It's only $99.00 (includes ground shipping with UPS)

3SC's DVD Home Study Class Includes:

To get credit for the Oregon Construction Contractors Pre-Licensing home study course all you need to do is send us the quiz sheet by fax, mail or email. (Make sure you fill out the bottom of the quiz sheet clearly and concisely. Errors in data entry from the inability to read your data can delay your State Test by as much as 5 business days.)

Everything is yours to keep for reference. Simply return the quiz sheet to 3sc to receive your education credit.

A Home study course does not mean you are on your own. 3SC is here to help! Call or e-mail 3SC and we'll answer your questions, and assist you with your preparation for the State Test.

How the class works:

  1. Take out the attached Answer Sheet.( Be sure to fill the answer sheet out in Ink)
  2. Read a chapter in the NASCLA Contractors Guide to Business, Law and Project Management Oregon Contractors Reference.
  3. Watch the corresponding chapter on the DVD, and
  4. Answer the questions on the answer sheet as you watch the DVD
    (If you prefer the questions are also available on the CD-ROM)
  5. Repeat this process until you have finished all of the chapters.
  6. Return the answer sheet to us. We will process it and inform the state you have finished the required education. You will recieve a completition certificate.
  7. Now you can contact PSI (see the PSI packet that came with your course) to set up a time to take the test. Call 1-800-733-9267 or go to

How do I order the Oregon Construction Contractor Pre-Licensing Class?
Call 1-800-774-7534 or click below

3SC Company uses Paypal. A safe, reliable way to process your credit card. (You do not need an account with Paypal to use it). The Oregon Construction Contractor Pre-Licensing Class is only $99.00 and that includes regular shipping.

Call John for an insurance and bond quote, and fill out your CCB application. Any questions please call 3SC Company.