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3SC Company Can Keep You Out Of Court!

If you can't settle a CCB claim, the CCB will send you to court, to which we say:

!!Why Go To Court?

3SC Company's "!!Why Go To Court?" private dispute resolution service provides fast, economical relief:

Less Expense - "!!Why Go To Court?" costs just a fraction of those expensive lawyer-staffed dispute resolution services.

Expedited Dispute Resolution - swift, no-excuses scheduling; you won't have to wait months or years for the case to end.

Staffed By Experts - neutral mediators and arbitrators with decades of construction dispute resolution experience.

How Do You End A Dispute?

By Mediation. A mediator helps the parties resolve their problem with a negotiated settlement. Most dispute resoulution services are lawyer-staffed, thus expensive. It is not unusual for a lawyer mediator to charge the parties thousands of dollars.

…Or Arbitration. If the parties can't settle their dispute by mutual agreement, an arbitrator will be assigned to hear the evidence and decide who wins and who loses. The arbitrator's decision is filed in court and becomes a judgement. Lawyer-staffed arbitration services charge hundreds of dollars per hour, and their hours pile up into thousands of dollars in arbitrator fees.

"!!Why Go To Court?" mediations cost the parties  $275 per party; arbitrations cost $500 per party. Period.

How Do I Hire "!!Why Go To Court?"

Nothing Could Be Easier…

Simply call 3SC Company at 800-774-7534 to set it up. 3SC Company's Contracts With Muscle require any disputes between you and a homeowner to be resolved out of court by the "!!Why Go To Court?" private dispute resolution service.

Even if you have a dispute that isn't covered by a 3SC Company contract, you and the other party (homeowner, another contractor, or supplier) can agree to have "!!Why Go To Court?" resolve your differences without ever going to court.

3SC Company will provide you with a written mediation agreement and assign a mediator to help you settle your dispute quickly and inexpensively. If you've already tried to settle and that hasn't worked, or if mediation doesn't resolve the disagreement, we'll provide you with a written arbitration agreement and assign an arbitrator to hear the evidence and decide who's right.

Whichever way you go, your problem will be over in 30 to 60 days.